The EzeBreathe KN95 Protective Face Mask with Respirator Valve is a specially designed protective mask which filters out dust, chemicals, particles, pollen and smoke with each breath.

It is made from strong but lightweight, breathable material and can be adjusted to the face for maximum protection and comfort.

This mask features a respirator valve which effectively reduces heat and moisture accumulation, improving respiratory resistance, fogging of glasses and general comfort.

Filtration Layers:

– Layer 1: Breathable non-woven isolation layer (blocks larger particles and microorganisms)
– Layer 2: Active carbon fibre layer (absorption of smaller pollutants)
– Layer 3 & 4: Silk cotton fibre (strengthens the filtration of fine particles)
– Layer 5: Melt blown cotton (strengthens filtration of dust and absorbs moisture)
– Layer 6: Electrostatic absorption cotton (strengthens the filtration of fine particles)
– Layer 7: Skin-friendly non-woven fabric


– Multi-layered filter technology
– Non-woven, skin friendly fabric
– Suitable for most face shapes/sizes
– Adjustable nose piece for better coverage and comfort
– Low respiratory resistance
– Respirator valve

This product is non-refundable.
Due to the current demand we are continually replenishing stocks and will dispatch orders as the items become available, please expect delays in order processing times. We will endeavour to deliver all orders within 7-21 days and will keep you informed of any updates and/or variations when necessary.

Note: “The mask may slightly differ from what is shown in the pictures”