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“I’m so in love with the Mocha Tanning Mousse, never have I ever felt so glowy and bronzed, I’m obsessed!!”

Sara Kelly, Mocha Mousse

“The mousse was so good, really easy to apply and created such a nice colour! It also didn’t leave a bad smell that I find some fake tans leave.”

Alanah Yukich, Mocha Mousse

“My first ever spray tan and I loved it. Being the first one I was nervous, but the colour was spot on and so natural! It made me feel like I had just spent the whole summer tanning.”

Bree Passmore, Cappuccino Solution

“I’ve never tanned before and was a bit nervous before using TechnoTan (Choc Fudge), but I was so pleased with how the tan turned out and that the technicians knew what they were doing. It liked great and next time I need a tan, I know where to go!”

Isobel, Choc Fudge Solution

“I was so excited to be able to get the chance to use this amazing product on my skin. I’m so pale and this product made me glow. I felt amazing. I honestly couldn’t think of a better product to use.”

Hayley Beardman, Mocha Mousse

“I love it!! So dark and not patchy at all.”

Ashlee Crabbe, Mocha Mousse

“I love TechnoTan, I am obsessed! I just know that the quality is going to be good, I know exactly how long to leave it for, exactly the result I am going to get.”

Karla Bodycote, Blue Extra Dark Solution

“The oil is a life changer, so different from anything I’ve tried. The oil is hydrating & makes your skin glow. It soaks into your skin instantly, developing throughout the day.”

Tiana Hoad, Radiant Bronze Dry Tanning Oil

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